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Cara's Philosophy

Building Relationships

You will reap the benefits of massage if it becomes a regular part of your life. My goal is for us to work together to take better care of your health, long-term. 

Sharing Knowledge

Communication is key. I need to know what you're feeling, experiencing and what you're looking to gain in order to best help you. In turn, I will explain the treatment and what you can expect to gain from it. 

Helping You Feel Better

Massage is a tool to help heal. Whether it's stress, illness or simply to pamper yourself, the benefits of massage can be life changing. I would be honored to take that journey with you. 


myofascial release

A myofascial release treatment works on the fascial system which is a network of connective tissue throughout the body. It is good for releasing chronic tension and relieving pain. 


Swedish massage

The goal of Swedish Massage is to melt away muscle tension and increase the blood flow to your heart. Swedish Massage is extremely therapeutic as it decreases muscle toxins, increases oxygen levels in the blood, and improves flexibility in the body. 


prenatal massage

A massage for women during pregnancy. A pregnancy pillow allows you to rest comfortably throughout the massage. This allows your body to relax and release tension and stress from producing a human.